Current Services & Offerings

Sacred Geometry and Light Language

Each individual healing session is customized to your unique needs and desires and works for just about anything you wish to manifest and/or transform- think cash flow, relationships, even a new home, new baby or career change.  This is one of the most powerful healing and manifestation modalities on the planet.

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Ancient Shamanic Healing Technique

Divine Intervention (DI) is an ancient Shamanic Healing technique and from an energetic perspective, is one of the most powerful ways to harness and direct electrical and magnetic energy in all levels of the physical and etheric bodies. As DI practitioners we can isolate and transmute what is devitalizing to the body. In DI, the healer utilizes precise dimensions and frequencies when calling on the Divine to intercede.

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You're Waking Up!

Each Tuesday on Zoom we will be diving deep, as a collective, to further understand this awakening process, explore all topics and questions related to spiritual awakening, healing, plant medicine, mental health, parenting, relationships, addictions, and how to heal them and so much more. The format is Zoom meeting style and there will be time for Q&A each week- all questions are welcome. 18+ only please as we will be discussing mature subjects.

Tuesday's with Greta via Zoom are held each Tuesday at 6pm PST. 

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Love and Infinite Potential™️ Process

I can help you if you're ready for freedom from codependency, addiction, self-harm, or early childhood or generational trauma. Freedom is just on the other side of fear and pain. I will guide you through it in a safe, trauma-informed space. YOU ARE WORTH IT! 

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