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Level Up Parenting

Raising children is challenging. Solo or with a partner, we were not meant to raise children in isolation. We were meant to raise children in villages and tribes. The tribes and villages look vastly different in 2021- while they still have many of the same components such as elders and extended family, they also look like nannies, babysitters, daycare providers, neighbors, teachers, coaches and social media and the entire online world! 


Level Up Parenting- Adolescents and Beyond

Parenting adolescents and beyond is a different kind of challenge than parenting younger children. Adolescence is a time when children naturally begin to pull away from the parent- and they begin to move toward their peers’, their village’. And we must trust our village in order to surrender the care of our precious children to them. We must believe our village will see our children through the lens of Love and Infinite Potential only. Then we must let go! And at the point of letting go we then shift our trust to our children because if they have only been seen through the lens of Love and Infinite Potential their inner knowing will be so strong, so vast, so expansive- worry and anxiety simply will not exist anymore. 


Level Up Relationships

Relationships are challenging - they involve not only love but they require
comittment. Our current culture in the us makes cancelling someone you
love as easy as cancelling your Netflix subscription. And families are being
separated and torn apart, often leaving children with deep pain and trauma that often doesn’t surface until they reach adulthood. People who once loved each other deeply now only exist to blame and label the other as a ’narcissist’ an ’alcoholic’ a ‘codependent’ and even ’psychopath’. What if I told you everyone has narcissistic traits- very few are true narcissist! What if I told you what you see and judge in your partner and others is really what you see and judge in yourself? We are all reflections of each other- what you see in me is what is in you as well. Imagine if you were able to stop judgments and choose to only see through the lens of love and infinite potential! Guess
what? You can I can teach you how to do it!