Hi, I'm Greta Harman

Creator of The Love & Infinite Potential Process™

What if I told you that you are whole and exactly where you are meant to be right now in this moment? Well, it’s true and you are! There is nothing to fix and you are not broken, you are simply stuck in the same old narratives- much of which has been subconsciously inherited from your family, your schooling and current-day culture. These subconscious thoughts and beliefs keep us feeling stuck and repeating patterns that often end relationships, break apart families and lead to addiction, anxiety, depression, and a feeling of unworthiness. I have created a remedy, based on my own lived experience, to help you clear your inner blocks, break generational patterns that no longer serve you, and ignite your inner greatness. 

I am committed to living life through the lens of love and compassion and I invite you to join me.


Who am I? 

I am a transformational healer, teacher, and mentor who has been working with clients all over the world for the past 13 years. After decades of working in education, specializing in educational adversity and neurodivergent learners, I now offer 100% individualized coaching and shamanic energy healing sessions for adolescents and beyond. 

I am dedicated to helping others with the healing process which includes the full unfolding of their purposes, paths, and destinies. It is my passion to help individuals create new possibilities in their lives by helping them heal their pain which allows the letting go of limiting beliefs and eventually moves stuck energy into a higher level of awareness allowing for limitless potential.

I skillfully combine modern psychology and neuroscience with ancient sacred geometry and light language healing techniques, offering a space for deep healing and transformation. In addition, together we will build a robust and individualized 'toolbox' for you to begin healing and transforming in all areas of your life in a manner that is safe, trauma-informed, free of judgment, and held in a sacred space of unconditional love and acceptance.

My Divine Intervention (DI) sessions are world-renowned and my unique offerings include evening talks, weekend intensives, seminar events, silent retreats, live internet broadcasts, and for an uncensored, unfiltered look inside my own personal twin flame healing journey, check out my OnlyFans membership site... 18+ only.

Helping individuals discover the energies typically at play in one's life, I will help you open yourself up to receive powerful transmissions of energy and break through barriers of time and space that will move you forward on your path of spiritual healing. 

I have been gifted with an ability to help people transcend limitations and find more inner peace and joy in their lives. I draw upon my decades of study with a wide range of spiritual and wisdom teachers, mystics, north and south American shamans, yogis, and several fully enlightened beings with a focus on meditation, transformation, mysticism, higher consciousness, metaphysics, quantum physics, neuroscience, and positive psychology.  


Love & Infinite Potential Process (LIPP) 

Fear and distrust are at an all-time high! The entire world is experiencing PTSD and the Love and Infinite Potential Process brings us back to truth, back to regulation in our bodies, back to love, and from LOVE to INFINITE POTENTIAL. My unique process and methodology involve teaching the art of “True Intimacy” and being vulnerable enough to let others see you as you truly are. This process helps individuals explore the dynamics of healthy, intimate relationships, beginning with the self, as they identify the patterns and blocks that can interfere and cause dysfunction and dis-ease.

A space of radical compassion for all humanity is the constant in all of my services and programs which allows all who work with me to feel safe and free from judgment. I have devoted the majority of my life to the alleviation of suffering of all kinds and I am honored to hold the space for your becoming. 

Love is what we are. Fearful is what we've been taught to be. I can help you move past your fears to get to your truth so you can THRIVE, not just survive.

Greta Harman

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