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Meet Greta

Greta Harman is a transformational healer and teacher who has been working with clients all over the world for the past 13 years. After decades of study she offers 100% unique, authentic, individualized, and research-based experiences and programs for people from all walks of life. Dedicating her life to helping others with the full unfolding of their purposes, paths, and destinies, it is her passion to help individuals create new possibilities in their lives through a higher level of awareness. 

Greta skillfully combines the use of modern psychological tools with ancient healing wisdom, presenting a fountain of information for her clients in a teaching style that is animated, dynamic, and full of life. She has devoted the majority of her life to the alleviation of much suffering of all kinds. 

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Online courses

Awareness is the golden key that opens the door to enlightenment. Discover effective ways to replace the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back so you may move forward and begin your ascension to greatness. 


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1-on-1 and family coaching

 Whether you work one-on-one with me or with a family member or loved one, I will provide you with a safe and compassionate space to be seen and heard along with a holistic and individualized toolkit of strategies designed to help you to align with your highest self and live from a place of radical truth and love. 

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For entrepreneurs, therapists & coaches 

Are you ready to launch or grow your business or private practice? I believe you can learn the most from working with people who have already made it big in the area you wish to thrive. I have helped numerous entrepreneurs, therapists and coaches scale their business and revenue exponentially. 

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I have more gratitude for you than you could ever imagine.  My life has shifted because YOU were there to support me.

Thank you. Xo 

Cindy Couldwell

Kjirsten Sigmund

I’ve seen a transformation in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Greta!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm absolutely LOVING the course and every piece of information! I knew it would be intense, info-packed, and ethereal, but, seriously, it's blown my mind and my expectations - I'm learning so much and it is allowing me to really grow.

Beth Umlauf

Transformational Courses

Level Up Parenting

Parents and children are feeling crippled with anxiety, depression and now PTSD from the pandemic. Fear and distrust are at an all time high! The entire world is experiencing PTSD and the Love & Infinite Potential Process In Parenting brings us back to truth, back to regulation in our bodies, back to love and from love to infinite potential.

Healing and growth begin when you quit arguing with “what is” and accept the truth around a particular issue. Discover the power that comes with surrender as you receive transformative tools for yourself and your children.

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This class explores the relationship between accountability and the ability to manifest physical plane goals. When we accept appropriate responsibility for our reality, we become infinite co-creators with Source. This allows us to find our flow and take the action steps necessary to succeed at all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

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Transcending Self Sabotage

The root of self-sabotage is a fear of personal power. Explore the ways that this energy plays out in your life. Receive the tools that will allow you to become empowered and end this destructive cycle. You were born to THRIVE not just survive.

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